Eric Sheng

I'm Eric Sheng, a programmer based in Cupertino and currently a student at UC Berkeley.

You can contact me at (preferred) or

For a copy of my resume, please email me at the above address.

GitHub (@es1024) StackExchange (@es1024)

Projects and Programming Work


Calculus Problem Generator and Study Aid

Delta is a tool to help students study calculus. Calculus problems are randomly generated and presented to the student. Student answers are checked immediately, and hints and explanations are available for each problem. Links to other calculus resources are also included.

Programmed with Ruby on Rails.

Website design by Scott Lee.

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Grade Notifier and Spreadsheet

LoopFresh is a tool which notifies students via email or phone notification when teachers publish grades to School Loop. A grade spreadsheet is also included, allowing students to add assignments and see how their grade would be impacted.

Programmed with PHP 5, JavaScript, and Java.

Website design by Scott Lee.

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Turtle Defense

Tower Defense Fun with Turtles

Turtle Defense is a Tower Defense game, except your "towers" are a variety of turtles, and your enemies are an assortment of fish, sharks, whales, and a certain ship! Each turtle has 8 different upgrades, split along two branching paths, and any turtle can be sacrificed to the God Turtle for a variety of different effects. Turtles will die after a period of time and may be replaced. There are 45 achievements, with most granting extra bonuses and benefits once unlocked.

Programmed with C.

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Marbelous Interpreter (JS)

Interpreter for the esolang Marbelous

A interpreter (written in JavaScript) for the esoteric programming language Marbelous, which is based on the idea of 8-bit "marbles" (unsigned integers) moving across a 2D board of "devices," which modify the value of marbles and moves them around the board.

Programmed with JavaScript.

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Marbelous Interpreter/Debugger (C++)

Interpreter and Debugger for the esolang Marbelous

A interpreter and GUI debugger (written in C++) for the esoteric programming language Marbelous. Pausing and tick-wise stepping are allowed, as are adding and editing marble values and exploring the call stack (and changing marbles there).

Programmed with C++, with GTK+ and Cairo used for the interface.

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MV Sprouts

Website Design + Content Management System

Website design and content management systems for Monta Vista High School's gardening club (MV Sprouts). System allows for adding news entries, setting up online map, and keeping track of hours.

Programmed with PHP 5.

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Convert images into ASCII art.

Programmed with PHP 5 and JavaScript.

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